Natural and clean Food from Finland in SIAL China a big hit!

Last week I attended SIAL China 2015 food exhibition with 5 Finnish food manufacturers. SIAL China is definitely one of the most important Asian Food tradeshows with more than 2,700 exhibitors from over 80 countries and 55,000 international and national visitors.


This time we had a national Food from Finland pavilion presenting pure, delicious and health enhancing Finnish food products. Food from Finland is a national program dedicated to enhance export of Finnish food. The pavilion in SIAL China was hosted by 5 Finnish companies:

  1. FINN CRISP  – stands for a high awareness of what it means to live a fit and active life. A nutritious option for a snack, a healthy, slim option to bread and a versatile cooking ingredient.
  2. Kaskein Marja  – Healthy berry and mushroom products from pure Finnish nature. Kaskein Marja berry juices, berry powder and mushrooms are suitable both for HoReCa and food industry needs.
  3. Vanajan Keksit – The secret behind tasty and crunchy wafers, biscuits and crisp rolls rusks is in the production;First – class raw materials, skilled and motivated staff and a high-quality production technology.
  4. Kiantama – products are deeply rooted in wild Nordic forests. Kiantama produces and develops high-quality berry products from berries by Biokia-trademark and also raw material for food, health supplement and cosmetics industries.
  5. Hunajainen SAM – Finnish family-owned Premium Honey Company. 25 years of experience in category extension through high product quality, innovative product development, consumer driven concepts and active brand support. Hunajainen SAM Oy is the retail and wholesale market leader in Finland.

IMAG0157 IMAG0174

During the 3 exhibition days the interest and attraction to our Finnish companies and their natural and fresh products was obvious. We had hundreds of visitors sharing their business cards and interest in our companies. Tastings drew a lot of attention and it was really funny to watch the reactions of local people to our products! 🙂 Numerous importers and distributors wanted to continue business negotiations with our companies and for sure, these Finnish companies will continue their exploration in the Chinese market.

IMAG0176 IMAG0160

SIAL China also held a SIAL Innovation competition in which Kiantama participated with their fantastic Biokia bilberry powder. Biokia bilberry powder was selected into the finals among from nearly 150 competing products for its healthiness and convenient use. SIAL Innovation committee described the Biokia bilberry powder with following words: “Berry powder rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Hand-picked berries from the forests of Finland. 100 g of powder equals 900 g of fresh berries. No preservative or additives. Perfect for use in baked goods, or to pour on ice cream, yogurt and porridge.” Congratulations to Kiantama and a lot of success in future endeavors!

IMAG0201 IMAG0211

This year it seemed that much recognition was granted to natural and healthy products though still the Chinese taste requires sweeteners – or at least adaptation to local taste.

The signal from the Chinese market is very positive. Next year we will attend the SIAL China with more companies and bigger pavilion. Stay tuned and join the journey of Food from Finland. 🙂

More information:

Food from Finland:

SIAL China 2015:

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