Finland – The Land of Superior Alcohol

Finland is living its golden era in alcohol production and exports. The extraordinary nature and the purest water enable the creation of fresh, innovative and delicious world-class liqueurs and spirits. Last year the judges of International Wine and Spirit Competition decided that the best gin tonic is made with Napue gin by Kyrö distillery. This year HelsinGin by Paradise City Beverage Company was awarded with three different prizes: ”Outstanding Silver” in Gin & Tonic category, silver in Contemporary Gin category and bronze in  Gin Packaging category.

Gustav liqueurs and other goodies by Lignell & Piispanen in Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016.

We Finns are also considered as a nation that just loooves their vodka. Maybe it’s the close relation to Slavic nations. 😉 But Finnish vodka is really good; even the international professionals admit that. Last year two very special vodkas, Koskenkorva and Laplandia vodka, achieved great success in Cannes. The iconic Koskenkorva Vodka was awarded 2 Vodka Masters Gold prizes and Laplandia Vodka was awarded the highest Master award in the Super Premium category.

Internationally awarded vodkas – Koskenkorva and Laplandia in Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016. Yummie!

And what about wines? In Finland the grapevines don’t even grow. Yet, we’ve been able to create something very extraordinary from our Nordic berries. Finnviini participated the International Eastern Wine Competition in California with great success. Their cloudberry wine was awarded silver and blueberry wine gold. In California?! Crazy, but true. This just proves how fantastic flavors our small country is able to produce. And do it with great passion!

August Berries introducing their unique wild berry wines and liqueurs in Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016.

I felt very proud, happy and privileged to have the opportunity to introduce three exquisite distilleries Altia, Laplandia vodka and Lignell & Piispanen as well as the world’s northernmost winery August Berries as part of national food export program Food from Finland activities to wider Asian audience in Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016. The booth stood out fantastically from the other exhibitors by being the only booth serving Nordic berry wines and offering tasteful cocktails made of the award-winning vodkas and gin.

Food from Finland and Vinexpo Hong Kong exhibitors introduced in CHINA Hotel & Catering Supplies Special. I’m so proud to pose with honored Publisher Mr. Charles Tang. 🙂 (First picture, right bottom. On the left Consul Sari Aho from the Consulate General of Finland)

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China provide huge export potential to unique Finnish alcohol producers. Karhu (Bear) beer is already sold in China and Original Long Drink can be found in the grocery stores in Hong Kong. It won’t take long until Finland is globally known as the superior country for high-quality alcohol products.


CHEERS! The bar masters Sami Benamed and Erno Vainanen pooring drinks to Vinexpo visitors.


Vinexpo Hong Kong matchmaking event in the awarded FINDS Restaurant – the only Nordic restaurant in Hong Kong. On the right, the fantastic celebrity chef Jaakko Sorsa. From the left, bar master Erno, me Johanna, Food from Finland program director Esa, bar master Sami and chef Jaakko.

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