Web attraction – seducing the Chinese consumers in the internet

China now has over 591 million internet users, which is 125 times more than in Finland (ca. 4.7 million)… 460 million of them are mobile internet users. China is now also competing for the first prize of being the world’s largest ecommerce market.

Chinese people spend more than 20 hours per week in the internet, which is like the total working time of half-time worker per week. There are more users in e.g. instant messaging, blogging, gaming and social networks than email users. I have also noticed that if I want a quick response from China I need to use other tools than email. More than 80 % of the internet users are under 40 years old. And; majority of the internet users browse information from the web before they go for shopping – price, quality and feedback counts.

The most popular websites in China include such names as Baidu, QQ, Weibo, Taobao, Kaixin001, Youku etc. etc. They are search engines, instant messaging platforms, social networks and ecommerce platforms. What about a sole company; how do they attract more visitors and interest in their offering?

I understand that in order to be attractive in the Chinese web your company must have the following:

  1. localized web content
  2. search engine optimized website
  3. internet marketing
  4. active social media accounts
  5. pictures, videos, stories
  6. campaigns
  7. Anything else interesting?

Which companies, both Chinese and foreign, do YOU think have succeeded in gaining positive attraction from Chinese consumers in the internet? Why; what do they do well?

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