Accelerate your sales in China; few thoughts

Close to 1.36 billion people. The second largest economy. The biggest trading nation. No wonder companies are aiming to gain presence and growth in the market full of opportunities. The competition is severe and many companies fail to succeed. I have listed few considerations that we often forget to think when planning an entry into the China’s competition ground.

  • Do your clients understand what they are buying? The economic growth has developed in a relatively short period of time. Chinese market has not always had all the products, services & solutions that it has nowadays. The buyers may not be familiar with all the features that your offering provides, yet what value-added the offering brings to their lives or operations. You may take a leap over your competitors by teaching your clients to buy Your products; what good does Your product bring to your client, why Your product is better than the other existing solutions in the market, how Your product operates and what the results are when using Your product. Invest in training, bulletin, marketing, workshops, seminars etc. in order to improve the awareness of Your products.
  • What are the influencers on your client’s purchase decision? It’s all about price; or is it? Maybe the reason is gaining “face” or personal advantage. Maybe the decision makers owns a favor to someone in his/her “guanxi” network. The seller needs to make his homework and learn who the decision makers really are, what they value and who they are “friends” with.
  • How do You visualize the good and benefits the client gains when acquiring your product? How can You appeal to your client’s feelings? Yes, your technology, solution or service may be world class but You need to create that image by visualization and story-telling. The technology experts step in after you have sold the idea that your product is “must-have”.
  • Is Your product suitable for the Chinese market as it is? The taste, beliefs and values are different than in Western market. Yet, the existing technologies in China may not support your solutions. You might even consider of finding co-operation partners to provide a larger entirety with compatible products in order to ensure your client gets well-functioning wholeness.
  • How is Your company perceived in China? Chinese are active internet users and information on companies is widely spread and available. You must invest in internet visibility, take good care of your employees and clients, obey the local rules as well as show respect to the challenging, yet so potential market.

The list is not complete but I hope it inspires the companies take their sales actions a little deeper. I bet there are other experts of China, Asia, sales, marketing etc. that can easily continue the list and I am definitely willing to hear others’ ideas. 🙂

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