Growth opportunities in China and Asia – join the September seminars in Finland

I am happy because the importance of Asia (and certainly China) has been recognised as a driver and huge opportunity for growth. It makes me especially happy that cities outside of Helsinki has shown increasing interest in the opportunities in these diverse, yet so excitingly challenging markets. Though we are such a tiny little country compared to Asian tigers, we do have something to give and share with them.

Please, find a list of seminars held in Turku, Mikkeli and Karjalohja during September. The seminars will focus on current opportunities, trends and business culture in few selected market areas. I will be sharing my own experience and expertise regarding to China.

Thu 20.9.2012 Kasvua Aasiasta -seminar in Turku

The seminar focus on the opportunities of Finnish companies in China and Philippines. Also the specifics of the market areas and business culture will be share by the market experts.

More info:

Tue 25.9.2012 Kansainvälisty! Vauhtia kasvuun Aasiasta -seminar in Mikkeli

The seminar focus on few different, yet interesting market areas incl. China, Philippines, Japan and Vietnam. Asia experts share their view on the opportunities and the currents trends in the selected markets.

More info:

Thu 27.9.2012 Targeting China – a phenomenal market place -workshop in Karjalohja

China is a rapidly growing market of which expanding middle class is willing to spend – also in Western brands.The workshop concentrates on the increasing opportunities in the Chinese consumer market. Experienced professionals share their knowledge, expertise and views on the intriguing market.

More info:

Welcome to listen, learn and share your own experience and views on these exciting markets!


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