Hurry up; let’s take your goods to Chinese market!

Finland to Chinese people represents high-quality, innovativeness, creativeness, modern design. How about your products? If these qualities apply to your products, please, let’s go to conquer the Chinese market!

According to the National Bureau of Statistics the average growth rate of consumption in China was 18,1% annually during the years 2004-2010. Chinese Academy of Social Science predicted in 2011 that the consumption will nearly double by the year 2015. And not only the Chinese buy local products but they also spend more and more money on Western brands.

We conducted a market study on the potential for selling Finnish textile products in Chinese market. Based on our study, the key success factors for foreign brands in highly competed market are:

  • Products are adapted to Chinese taste and, in textiles, body figures
  • Products are well branded, won awards, have certificates
  • The country of origin is European
  • Products are widely available
  • Brand utilizes online marketing opportunities
  • Brand invests in sponsoring and charity

Availability nowadays means that your products are sold in shops and stores and online too. It is certainly not enough that your website is translated into Chinese. It needs to be optimized for Chinese search engines, you need to provide online services, sell your products in the internet and be recognized in different sources. The estimation of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is that the sales volume of China’s e-commerce will grow at least 32% annually during 2011-2015. The growth would increase the transaction volume to RMB 18 trillion from RMB 4.5 trillion accounting for more than 9% percent of the country’s total retail sales of daily necessities and consumer goods. Enable your share on this!

You are afraid that Chinese will copy your design? Why? That’s a good thing. It means that your products are attractive to Chinese consumers and worthwhile to copy. Your target customer is not the one who buys cheap replicates but the one who wants to have the original Finnish product. Just make sure you have secured your trademark and made your brand visible, well-known and available.

2 thoughts on “Hurry up; let’s take your goods to Chinese market!

  1. Excellent, Johanna!

    I only just stumbled upon you blog, great posts! I particularly share your view on that Finnish brands should actively target the Chinese market. My research (PhD in pre-examination) at Aalto University School of Economics supports your arguments. Chinese culture is driven by strong symbolism, and consequently it is important to understand the cultural meaning-making process, which every brand will face in China. To showcase some example I produced an exhibition “Colour travels in China” for the Museum of Cultures in Helsinki The booklet is available from my company books(at)

    Great examples of successful Finnish brands in China include Marja Kurki – who would have guessed in advance that Finns can sell silk to the Chinese – and Angry Birds, who launched their localized Moon Festival version last fall.
    I hope that Finnish companies realize the potential in China, and act before the economic down-turn in European markets hits them too hard.

    I also share your passion for helping Finnish companies succeed. Good luck to you, too, during this year of the Dragon!

    Kirsi Kommonen
    researcher, entrepreneur
    Compassion Ltd

    1. Kirsi,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging and yet so insightful comments. Your examples indeed are great ones to illustrate how it is possible to turn almost impossible into great success. Both mentioned brands have studied the market, localised their products and operations and made their break through in this highly challenging and competed market.

      I’d definately love to crash your defense and hear more about your study. Have you written any articles regarding the meaning of culture in branding?

      Best of luck with your PhD and business. I am always happy to meet with like-minded colleagues 🙂

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